Adoption Services

The Mercy Ministries of America staff is dedicated to helping each expectant birth mother reach the best decision for herself and her child.

If you are interested in applying for adoption through Mercy Ministries of America, please download the Adoption Process document.

Fee Agreement

Please read the Adoption Process PDF file before going on to the Fee Agreement!

  • We, the adoptive couple agree to pay an initial $25.00 application fee to Mercy Ministries of America in order to receive the adoption application. At the time that we send in our completed application packet, we agree to pay an additional $200.00 application-processing fee. We understand that these fees are non-refundable.
  • We also agree to reimburse Mercy Ministries of America for the total of all bills and fees incurred by the birth mother and infant regarding the adoption. This includes but is not limited to the following:
    • Medical bills for prenatal care, labor and delivery, and prescriptions*
    • Medical bills for infant at hospital and pediatrician*
    • Maternity clothing expenses (based on TN adoption law stipulations)
    • Birth parent travel expenses related to the placement
    • Interim care costs for infant
    • Attorney fees regarding termination of parental rights
    • Court costs
    • Mailing and courier fees related to adoption paperwork

*Adoptive families will be responsible for medical costs not included in the birth mother or infant's medical coverage. Please note that not all birth mothers and/or infants will have medical coverage.

  • An estimate of the above costs is NOT available as these costs vary greatly on a case-by-case basis.
  • Additionally, there are fees that vary from state-to-state and cannot be accurately estimated. These fees are not paid to Mercy Ministries of America and are not included in the above total:
    • Home study and updating fees in state where adoptive family resides
    • Post-placement supervision fees in state where adoptive family resides
    • Attorney fees for finalizing the adoption in state where adoptive family resides
  • In the case that the birth mother changes her mind and decides to parent her child, we will not be responsible for reimbursing Mercy Ministries of America for her expenses, although we will still be responsible for the application fee, the application processing fee, and our own home study and attorney fees.
  • We understand that we are responsible for all bills related to the adoption. We understand that the total expenses to date are due at the time of placement and that all additional expenses must be reimbursed to Mercy Ministries of America before the adoption will be finalized.
  • By clicking the "I Accept" button, you agree to the terms and conditions of this document. If you proceed, you will be prompted for a credit card number for the $25.00 application fee. This will allow you to download our application from this website.

** New York families please contact Mercy Ministries directly for the New York Fee Agreement **

As you know, Mercy Ministries of America takes each girl in free of charge and provides all she needs during her stay with us. It would be greatly appreciated if you could make a tax-deductible donation to Mercy Ministries of America to help offset the cost of caring for your birth mother, or perhaps become a monthly partner. Please understand, Mercy Ministries does not charge an agency fee - the money you pay for the actual adoption covers only the actual cost, and none goes to Mercy Ministries of America. Therefore, your tax-deductible donation would be of great help to us to continue our work. However, this is not required, and will not change the status of your adoption in any way.

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