Joyce Meyer Visits St. Louis Home!

March 14th, 2013

Nancy Alcorn, Founder and President of Mercy Ministries, with Joyce Meyer,
Bible teacher and best-selling author at our St. Louis home – a home Joyce
Meyer Ministries played a key role in helping us build.

“I know that full healing is possible, and today I was able to hear from someone who walked through it… Joyce inspired me and made me feel valued.” - Jill, current St. Louis resident

Recently, residents in our St. Louis home were honored to host one of our favorite ministry friends and a long-time supporter of Mercy Ministries, Joyce Meyer. In fact, the living room of our St. Louis home was transformed into a temporary studio where two upcoming episodes of Joyce’s show, “Enjoying Everyday Life,” were filmed. The episodes will include footage of residents at our St. Louis home, plus interviews with a Mercy graduate as well as our Founder and President, Nancy Alcorn.

Residents loved connecting with Joyce, who gave
each girl a special “Everyday Life” Bible

During their time together, Joyce spoke to our residents about the power of choice and free will. She shared her testimony, including the abuse she suffered as a child. Joyce discussed how easy it would have been for her to make poor choices based on her past and how important it is to make right choices daily. She even took time to answer questions from the girls, who openly expressed gratitude for her wisdom.

After explaining that the greatest gift she could give them is God’s Word, Joyce also gave each resident a very special gift—a signed copy of her Everyday Life Bible!

We are so grateful for the support of Joyce Meyer and Joyce Meyer Ministries as they partner with us to transform lives and restore hope to hurting girls!

Joyce Meyer with Mercy residents in our St. Louis home

The episodes taped at our St. Louis home are scheduled to air soon. Check your local listings, or go to Joyce Meyer’s website for more details. 

 “I was really moved and encouraged by Joyce’s message this morning. As I prepare for graduation, God opened my eyes to the fact that I have the choice every day about how I’m going to live my life… God really used Joyce to show me the power that is behind of every choice I make, and that every choice determines the life I’m going to live. I choose today to live the fulfilling life God has for me. Each day I speak truth over my life is one step closer to the freedom God has for my life.”  - Tiffany, current St. Louis resident

Joyce Meyer interviews Mercy graduate Holly

“I have never felt so understood by someone as I have by Joyce. Often people give me advice, and it may even be Godly advice, but they haven’t walked through the same pain that I have. Joyce has walked through pain, and her words come from a place of understanding… I felt God’s love through her words. I don’t think Joyce could tell you my name but I still feel known by her. She and I have been in some of the same places. I know that full healing is possible, and today I was able to hear from someone who walked through it. I am so very thankful! Joyce inspired me and made me feel valued. I am never going to forget today.” – Jill, current St. Louis resident



Photos by Chad Spickler, ©Joyce Meyer Ministries