Jude: Remembering a Very Special Mercy Dog

January 14th, 2014

Jude Alcorn, 1998 – 2013

The end of 2013 brought a sad event to residents and staff in our Nashville home and corporate offices.  Jude, our “Mercy dog” and Nancy’s personal pet, passed away at the age of 15.  

Like other Mercy dogs before him, Jude’s presence was extremely therapeutic to the Nashville Mercy residents. He lived at the Mercy home most days, and was always assigned to a resident who would be his special “dog mom” during her stay. These girls took responsibility for his day-to-day care, assisting with him whenever necessary.

Nancy with Jude in front of Nashville residents and staff in January 2013

Jude’s role in emotional healing for many graduates cannot be understated.  In fact, some even thought of him as a counselor!

“Jude helped me through a lot of pain while I was at Mercy working through my past! It’s like he could sense I was hurting, and was the best cuddler.”  -- Jena, 2011 Mercy Graduate

“He wasn’t just an animal… in my opinion he was our Mercy superhero who always cheered us up during the tough times.” -- Monica, 2011 Mercy Graduate

Nancy with Jude in the lobby
of Mercy’s corporate offices in Nashville

“Once Jude started sleeping in my room, he would let me pet him until I calmed down and fell back asleep whenever I had a nightmare. There were so many nights that he was able to calm me down when I felt like things would never be okay… it was like he knew what I needed and provided that sweet and healing presence.” 
-- Kelly, Mercy 2010 Graduate

Anyone who knows Nancy knows how much she loved Jude and misses him deeply. He was much more than a dog – he was a friend, confidante and a pet extraordinaire.  Although it was very hard to lose him, we remain forever thankful for all of the many hearts he touched and changed at Mercy. 

The ultimate Titans fan!